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Human Resources

Human Resources are the biggest asset for the success and superiority in competitiveness for HAUS Centrifuge Technologies. For this reason, human resources department gives importance to motivate employees and their education for the sake of corporate success and competitive superiority.

Our Human Resources policy is based on constant development.

HAUS Human Resources Department carries out hiring, salary, education and training, performance management and employee personal service as main functions.


    • To find employees that will contribute to our corporate objective, vision and values, HAUS Human Resources Team throughout the year, works through and evaluates the job applications.

      For job applications;

      You can send your CV to hr@haus.com.tr
      Reach us by filling out Job Application Form
      You can follow our employment opportunities via kariyer.net
    • HAUS Human Resources Department evaluates job applications throughout the year. After the application, accordance with job position requirements, candidates are invited for interview to find out if they are matching for the job positions. Fundamental principle for the selection and placement of a candidate is to provide opportunity and level the playing field for employees that are suitably qualified for work requirements and employees that will keep the corporate values alive.
    • HAUS Human Resources Specialists interview with candidates. At interview the candidates are informed about the requirements of vacancies and throughout the employment interviewing the suitability and sufficiency of candidate are evaluated.
    • By examine the knowledge and skill of candidates, HAUS aims for finding best qualified person for the position. In terms of education level, foreign language knowledge, technical information and skills of candidate HAUS without any discrimination, equally valuates. After all evaluations qualified candidate receives an offer and then joins the HAUS family.
    • New employees are informed about our company overview, history, targets, vision and values. By supporting the new comers both in physical and cognitive skills HAUS aims to teach them operational control and workflow within the company in order to adapt and feel the HAUS values and culture as soon as possible.
    • HAUS Human Resources Team supports continuously employees with motivation and training. Training and development practices of HR department are important to achieve our goals. HAUS Human Resources plays a major role with conscious of corporate strategies for the realization of the awareness of the need for education in making things better that our employees now or in the future will be assumed to embark, rational decision-making, behavior, attitudes, habits and aims to positively influence their understanding, and knowledge, experience and educational activities and actions that enhance the capabilities.

      With the training process the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors that is necessary for employees is earned. The understanding of team spirit and firm integrity and commitment can be ensured with group training as well as education of the individual. Thus, the employees work more efficiently, as well as the different positions within the company for his new knowledge and skills to gain employment or improve the existing ones can be ensured.
    • HAUS human resources, by performance management, aim for bringing in qualified human resources in to our company and development of skills integrated with the business objectives and realization of corporate success through planning and managing company performance targets in line with the performance of our employees.

      HAUS human resources are aware that the performance of employees in achieving the company’s objectives successfully is the most important factor. Therefore, Performance Management in our company is an implemented tool to ensure the adoption of the company’s vision and values by all of our employees, and adoption to our strategies with the safety-oriented and an innovative approach on the road to the objectives of the company, to achieve success in individual and institutional level with strengthening the communication with their managers. With this tool, HAUS human resources provide corporate integrity by providing feedback on their performance to improve the performance of our employees.

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