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Olive Oil Applications

The biggest feature of natural olive oil -the symbol of nutrition and culture for humanity for many centuries- that differentiates it from the other oils is that it is only produced from the olive fruit of olive tree and consumable without chemical processing.    

The richness of the olive oil comes from the nutrients in its component: Oleic acid, phenol, tocopherol, pigments, phosphatide, carbohydrates, aromatic components and glycerol. 

HAKKI USTA firm with this awareness, designs its plants by protecting the nutrient content of the olives and creating the best quality oil. 

As the first producer in Turkey to manufacture and operate the local production continuous system olive pressing plant, we are honored to establish the means for more efficient pressing of the olives without waiting period and to increase the quality of the olive oil which is one of the most important source of living in our country.

Moreover, HAKKI USTA produces Mini Continuous Facilities, Industrial Continuous Facilities and Pomace Facilities for Olive Oil application. 

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