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Beverage Industry

Beer and wine are the leads in the beverage industry. As the usage areas and types of these products widens, quality and variety must establish the supply and demand balance parallel to this. Increasing need and thus variety bring high production power and the need for mass production in the market together. HAUS centrifuge technologies set out to meet the needs and forge ahead in becoming a solution partner of firms in sector with its processes developed towards solutions.

Until the stage of presentation to the customers, decanters and separators used in extraction and filtration operations take an important place. In line with improving the efficiency and offering products with high quality, enterprise capacity needs to be enlarged. 

Besides the success in production of beverages such as beer and wine, their hygiene, appearance and concentration are very important. Of course during these processes, cost has to be minimized too. HAUS centrifuge technology helps you our dear customers to keep the balance between the production costs and quality in minimum level. You’ll be able to expand your share in the sector by producing faster with higher quality and hygiene in your enterprise equipped with superior devices.

Beer Production

Centrifuge Technology is used for many years in the production of beer and takes an important place in the process. Decanter uses for pre-separation process and separator uses for clarification and purification processes in beer production. HAUS Technology products equipment which have necessary equipage for complex processes such as fermentation.

Beer Production Phases:

* Malt / Water
* Mass Balance
* Filtration
* Decoction
* Cooling and Sedimentation
* Brewing
* Resting and Filtration
* Filling  
* Pasteurization
* Labelling and Storage

Wine Production

Separation provides competition in wine production process and has an important place in improving productivity. The main purpose is keep the wine quality until the process from harvesting the grapes to last product (wine). Carefully selected grapes need to pass separation system carefully. HAUS has great expertise in the area of supporting professional wine producers and presents technologies for different phases of delicate processes such as extraction and clarification. Wine quality depends on type of grapes, grown region, climatic conditions, yield and maturation of the grapes. Clarification takes an important role during the wine production process. The clarification which is in right time and effective exposes the wine charming fragrance and beneficial to health, this is ultimately the most important determinant of quality and market value of the wine. Therefore every winery needs efficient clarification systems for quick clarification of the wine which has high amounts in the most intense period. Today clarificators are indispensable for wine factories which keep the wine specifications (serenity, elegance, brightness, dignity, pleasant fragrance etc.).


HAUS decanters and separators are used in fruit and vegetable juice production.
Fruit juice can be divided into three groups which extracts from not fermented fruits, but capable of fermenting beverages. Fruit juice, limpid fruit juices, blurry fruit juices and nectars. Nectar can be made from all fruit juices. But in our country nectar mostly make from tomato, apricot and peach; also limpid fruit juices make from cherry, grape, apple and pomegranate. There is a clarification process in limpid fruit juices even so there is no clarification process in blurry fruit juices cause when they clarificate lose their savor. 

In our country this type fruit juice are made from citrus fruits. Also nectars are made by crushing the fruit pulp and add water, sugar and organic acids. They have their particular consistence. Mostly they are made from strawberry, apricot, peach, plum, cranberries and pear.

People drink vegetable and fruit juice for many years and nowadays manufacturers continue their stability in beverage sector with research new tastes for consumers and present new fruit and vegetable juice from different fruits and vegetables. HAUS provides equipment and processes for keep natural tastes in fruit juice industry and make production in sufficient precision sanitary. Solutions for this industry: contains fruit preparation, clarification, sensitive processes such as increase productivity from fruit juice and peel oil.

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