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Dairy Industry


Today, old-fashion milk processing methods give their place to separation technology in the milk industry. Due to labor and time loss in old-fashion methods and increasing demand, separators have become the basic equipment of the milk processing plants.

Machines in the milk industry are required to operate with high efficiency in the shortest time period. By establishing standardization, producing the same quality product every single time is one of the most important criteria in milk processing.

You can highly meet your expectations with automatic self-cleaning cream separator and milk cleaner manufactured by HAKKI USTA 


* Milk and whey cream clarification process
* Milk and whey cream separation process
* Bacteria clarification process
* Cream, milk and rust standardization
* Cream Concentration 


* Whey protein
* Whey powder
* Casein
* Butter
* Buttermilk
* Cream cheese
* Lactose
* Quark
* Calcium phosphate

Process of milk, whey and milk sugar (lactose) production, separating the cream from milk, cream concentration, milk and cream standardization, also contain the waste heavy oils coming from the milk industry. This kind of wastes causes reverse effect in canalization systems, thus directly disposing the wastes of milk industry to canalization is damaging. This causes various problems in oil clarification plants.

HAUS decanter and separator technologies make it possible to maximum clarify these milk industry wastes.

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