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Fat And Oil Recovery


* Fish oil and flour production
* Vegetable oil production
* In processing vegetable oils
* Production or recycle of animal oils – by-products.
* Field of application exists in oil chemicals.   

using in these areas.

Sunflower, cotton and olive oil have big importance in the production and consumption of vegetable oils in our country. Moreover, besides soybean, colza, corn oils produced in small amounts; peanut, opium, sesame, nut, walnut oils are produced in smaller amounts.  In some plants, oil from flaxseed and hemp seeds is produced in order to be used in dye industry besides nutrient purposes.  Thanks to TUBITAK and Marmara Scientific and Research Institute that the possibility of producing oil from safflower, cephalaria seed, tobacco, tea and hackberry seeds which are not used in oil production or consumption in our country and the possibility of producing oil from grape and tomato seeds have been introduced by their researches.

Oils have crucial function as a source calorie, carrier of fat soluble vitamins, actual fatty acids and improving the taste of food. In this respect, production technologies, spoilage ways of these oils; control, analyzes and sampling methods in order to obtain a product of high quality are included in the researches.

HAUS centrifuge technologies give the necessary importance for the sector and technological support with its decanters and separators. Total amount of oil existing in the oil seeds used in vegetable oil production can change according to the climate conditions and agricultural technique quality of the seeds such as fertilizing, watering, disease and pest control, care.

After vegetable oil production from oil seeds, amount of bagasse obtained as a by-product, besides the quality of the raw material processed subject to the technological method features used in the production. Oils go through some stages during production. 

These are as follows:
* Raw material
* Pression or extraction
* Neutralization
* Decoloring
* Hydrogenization
* Deodorization
* Classified as finished products.

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