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Oil Field


Today, petroleum and petroleum products carry big importance. Recently, in petroleum drilling, petroleum processing, raffination process and petrochemical industry, decanter and separator centrifuges are commonly used. 

Main application purposes of decanter and separator centrifuges in petroleum sector:

* Processing slop oils
* Oil collecting or oil recycle in drying beds
* Processing the sludge sediments of raw petroleum tanks
* Processing the oily sludge of petroleum drilling fields, petroleum refineries, and fuel-oil stations.

HAUS decanters and separators while successfully establishing liquid-liquid-solid separation, offers the following conditions:

* Environment and human security,
* Optimum performance under hard conditions,
* The need for place and weight saving.

Systems with gas-proof quality, endurance to very low or high heat conditions, idealizing in case of soluble and dangerous material use, cleaning on the spot, all general fire protection and explosion protection standards can be designed.

HAUS decanters and separators are also used for oil recovery from lagoons, slop oil process, cleaning of tank bottom.

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