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BIO-Fuels and Renewable Energy

Bio-fuels consist of bio-ethanol, bio-butanol, bio-diesel and bio-gases. Instead of petroleum reserves being accelerating consumed in the world, bio-fuels have gained a big important recently as they are produced from vegetable and animal oils, environment-friendly, renewable.

HAUS centrifuge technologies are designed to yield the most efficient result in processes of producing renewable energy sources. HAUS brand centrifuges give the best results in producing low-cost bio-fuels with minimum energy consumption.

HAUS is aware of its responsibility in extending bio-gas production which is very limited in our country. Thus, is ready to carry out the responsibility. HAUS decanters and separators are designed to yield high-performance and high-efficiency in bio-gas production.

Decanter Centrifuges use in biodiesel production processes below;

* Clarification of used / new oils
* Separation of solid from oil which obtain after oil seeds extract in screw press
* Separation of glycerin, oil acids and salts during processing glycerin
* Separation of methanol and washed salts come off from glycerin processing.

Separator Centrifuges use in biodiesel production processes below;

* Separation of biodiesel from glycerined water after transesterification. (Purificator)
* Separation of solid particles from biodiesel which means clarification of obtained biodiesel. (Clarificator)  
* Use in mucilage effacement (degumming) / neutralization of refining raw oil with alcohol 

Decanter Centrifuge in ethanol production;

* The separation of wet particles and slim silage from silage which accumulated at the bottom after distillation.
* Use in separation of yeast.

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