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Malaxer unit; prepares crushed olives (olive paste) for pressing. By mixers in each division, paste is mixed and prepared. To heat the paste, there is a resistance heater around malaxer jacket. By kneading, oil particles in the paste are gathered and paste is prepared for pressing.

In MY series malaxer, kneading is made continuously, so the machines are stopped only for cleaning and maintenance. This type malaxer is used for continous lots, by this way capacity of the facility is increased. By specially angled flights of the mixer, two sided kneading is maintained.

Malaxer unit is made of completely stainless steel.
MS-5x750 Malaxer : For Continuous Processing
Capacity : Up to 3750 kg
Malaxer Division Quantity : 5
Each Division Capacity : 750 kg
Frame Material : Stainless steel AISI 304
Mixer Material : Stainless steel AISI 304
Mixer Motor Power : 1,1 kW x 5
Top Distribution Elevator Motor Power : 1,1 kW
Discharging Elevator Motor Power : 1,1 kW
Observation Glass Material : Safety glass with resistance
Lighting : Led type appropriate for food regulation
Length x Width x Height (mm) : 4900 x 2400 x 1600
Could be used in : Olivemax 33 - Olivemax 52
Please contact us: info@haus.com.tr
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